Welcome to Eydya Software R&D

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Welcome to Eydya Software R&D

Post  Anon on Sat Mar 14, 2009 3:57 am

Welcome to Eydya Software R&D. As of yet Eydya is a non-profit, non-existant, intelectual entity which has been created, developed and produced thus far by myself. As an avid gamer and lover of RPGs, RTS, and other online multiplayer games I beleive it is my duty to my fellow gamers to devote my drive and imagination into creating a game that will be not only fun and exciting, but also provide a form of entertainment that is more affordable than most PC games today. I give you my word as a developer: "I vow to bring strategy back to RTS, I vow to bring back the enigma of puzzles, and I vow to bring the ROLE back to the Role Players."

Eydya is the ethical and moral standpoint that I have been driven to strive towards since I was born. It has taken many forms, and in the future will hopefully become and organization that not only allows me to create as much as I possibly can, but also allow all who are affiliated the same chance to benifit from the rewards and boons gained from this thesis: "Thinking Green Today, To Build a Green Tomorrow." Simply put: Create for the happiness and well being of mankind. Create not only with the idea of advancement individually, or even nationally, but universally.

What this means to members of this forum is simply this: "Any intellectual properties created within this forum, or derived from intellectual properties created within this world is hereby the property of Eydya Software R&D."

This also means that any 'work', or anything that adds words images or other types of electronic media of any sort to this project is done Pro Bono and all projects will be treated as a communal effort. You work of youor own free will, with your free time to offer any assisstance you may be able.

Of course you can rest assured that if this project were to go into development all who were recorded within would of course be compensated, and furthermore, if enough of an increase in intrest occurs may have the ability to be offically staffed within the ranks of Eydya personel.


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